Monday, 23 April 2018

i am sorry-Mr pangkor guy( maybe its love)


today jemah nak share something  that i have been feeling .. it has been accumulating since justin bieber got back together with saleena gomez.
 the thing is i have been feeling as i was being followed by someone and i would always bummped into this guy yeah
let me just get into the details about the guy he is pretty hot ( auummmm gitu lol HOT) muka dia x mcm mcm tyoical chinese although he is actually chinese and dia sngt sweet bila dia senyumm... dia mmg klo jln dgn dia ounya poker face or just the normal face.
Jemah yg x tahu malunya pi said hi to his face like twice ok bro DUA KALI DUEX, er dua babe... i was like takut aku nmpk mcm desprate sngt asyik nk hi kt dia tpi dia x penah langsung hi kat aku so 
this guy either he 
is shy or.
he is into me? lol sbb asyik pandang.. nasib aku x ckp why do you always look at me ? do you hate me that much? or what
few encounters with him made me realiseni was not invisible to tge words eye because yiu are always in your room
then dia tinggi badan ala2 swimmer and dia pakai glasses  te best part is dia bot o my criteria yang dia ada e is tall and e is a pendiam
onestly very pendiam and ciil engineering babe
bnyk kali aku ckp aku tak ngam dgn budak engineering like as a partner or smt but i ended up liking an engineering dude
so i know noting about im but i really tink e actually ae a girlfriend because once e was eating wit tis girl and guess wat dia org cakap punya la skit aku rasa te girl yg banyk cakap
O YA QILA STALK diorang ro ar away tapi still nmpk guys
aa aca x suka kat muluttapi dalam ati mcm bunga bunga gitu
sebenarnya mcm ni dia  d bnyk kalai tgk aku dri au i know ok aku pon usya kodri au abang ciil
so dia follow aku since last year and asyik umpa kt pintu alan sama and also dia klo terserempak mesti nak look at me and look at my ace

jemah was like dia ni syok kt aku ke?
so ater a lot o discussions and opinions asked rom most o my riencds and een my moter
tey all said to ust gnore and agan perasan sangat x semua org tgk kkta maknanyer dia suka kita
So I have decided to not like him anymore
mcm acah jer kan... sbb aku yg start dulu ckp Hi and dia jawab aka respond...
so aku mcm oh dia ni ok dgn aku so why not proceed with friends.
Then ....sambung next entry

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