Friday, 26 January 2018

mr Pangkor guy. Part 2

so i had a sudden thought about this.
If he likes me I think he should at least try and smile... or better stalk me and then smile... but he doesnt  DO ANYTHING. he would just probably looked at me and then KHALAS !!!!
aku bengang sebab dia mcm show some signals that he wants to get to know me.. tpi mcm hampeh jer.
All in all i dont want to give hope to myself as in my own feelings sbb aku klo syok kt someone I will give 100% of tine and energy but for me if he doesnt show any concern or even slightest acknowledgement of me then I would not waste my energy and time one someone who is not worth my time. Im sorry for sounding like a bitc* but honeslty speaking at this age of 20 years old, I dont think I could afford with flings or wild crushes or even uncertainty* when it comea to love because my feelings aint cheap and its not easily given to just anyone in this world. For me if I would want to fall in lobe with someone let him be the right guy because I would not want to cry or whine a lot just because of a guy that I liked.. but only one sided love so Im out if Im the only one who feels the zing aka love but not him. Again not going to waste my feelings and energy thingking about someone who doesnt like me back.
So shoutout to Pangkor guy, mr myn embassy, mr senior and also mr junior. I dont like you guys anymore but Im sorry for interguing* into your life when I actually craved for attention.
Alhamdulilah thank you for entering into my life eventhough it was just for a while. I actually had a great time and experience getting to know you guys.. Hence you guys are such nice and awesome people .. have such sophisticated yet interesting behaviour and way of thinking . so good job on that and have a nice and blessful life ahead.
from: your long lost crush from mana entah LOL

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