Wednesday, 25 April 2018



Today was lit, semua benda jadi at this particular date
jah jumpa mr doggy, kitty and skali mr snakey

yes jemah jah jumpa snake klo hri jah x lit dia siap pusing2 guys

jemah panic nk mencarut mak ajar suroh sabar... jah try istighfar jah atill panic

i nak share cite ni keepada satu dunia.. after i got my fyp topics then aku jumpa mr snakey.. seems like a bad idea to do fyp LOL

fyp got me like= semua events/ stuff happens

tpi kan i have a feeling theres few reasons why this stuff happens
i feel like mcm jah bnyk dosa in sense of like being so self-centered or maybe to selfish in life

talking about schizophrenia with my lit classmates made me have mini conversation with myself that life can be incuarble for some people

and that is hard lah bc going through life with medications all the way.
i think that why they have suicidal thoughts because tak tahan anymore
so denganazam yg gigih yg au ada is to sabar with the dugaan that i am facing today
jumpa mr snakey, mr doggy, mr cat and mr FYP so all together at once.. sngt msuk ke hati jemah

and what a day.. i hope today aku lebih tenang dripada hri yg lain= menerima dugaan hidup yg alah setakat jumpa those 4 apa lah sntgt.. noo big deal
its a huge deal to me.. i dont believe in superstitious but i do beleieve that this will traumatised me.. is that a word idk
that momen will be graved or implemented into my memory yg kuat ini for the rest of my life
Chennai express punya pasal jemah phobia dgn mr snakey
aku sikit lagi nk terpijak that being.. naseb tak klo tak aku rsa i would be bitten and be the most dramatic human alive..
im surprise that the person in fornt of me was so chill
aku mmg takboleh live in a nature bound punya area.. i would enjoy my nature bound or anature in general from pictures
i dont think im strong enough to experienced it again with other creatures ... jah cannot

zoo yg dlm cage xde ha;; ni you ask me to experience first hand =jah cry
fake or nah its how i would react

to end this day
jah give one  nasihat lha

dont focus on your phone too much takut terpijak snake.. plastic takpe  jgn yg real sudah oh and its a never good idea to sit opposite to your crush because obviously dia akan nampak  LOLOLOLOL

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