Sunday, 8 October 2017

te dog

te first ting I would like to say is that I do not hate animals and i do not want them dead as i see them walking next to me or something.

Asslaumalikum and good afternooon , today i am going to share you some experiences regarding my encounter with dogs.

initially i thought they were viscious animals due to their hearing and smelling talent.. like they can even smell fear can you imagine they can sens my vibe and also the fear towards them:

1. i was chased by a dog once, however the dod did not bark at me but the dog waas chasing us pretty fast and we ran to th ebuilding which was like 50m away from the spot we were walking. the funnny part my friends us re not the type o people that work out yeah can you imagine?
we ad to run like 10 seconds for a 500m distance. we were out of breathe and also sweating like cray
 we were safe indoors.... hopefully but the funny part was our peaceful walk ust turned nto a marathon or life after dinner ... thank God i didnt get cake after dinner. because all of my food and the dairy cake might vomitted out..(puke) is not a un ting trust me.
From that incident, i would aoid as much as possible seeing, encountering a dog because o te phobia i ad ater te unnycray incident
the cutesttt thing about the eent was all o us were newbies and already ae a perception about stray dogs are not riendly and ae ni cill especially te ones on campus

2 next is  story o stray dogs o campus tey tend to wwonder around te road sides aimlessly and te saddedst part was tat tey do not ae selter curue to te monsoon season  so eeryday raining and tey will get wet
i am worried about teir ealt because getting constant exposure towards rain is not good tey migt get eer ust like umans but sadly i cant bring tem to te et due to lack o opportunity or sould i say i am scared o tem and also i do not have a tranport to bring them there.
3.Another incident that I encounter was with the dog at junxtion square. Junction square